Bioandalusí Export, S.L.U. undertakes strict quality controls. The farms, along with the packing and marketing  of our products are regulated with international certificates. We are holders of the organic certificate endorsed by CAAE (Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica/ Andaluz Committee of Organic Farming), who set the standards for the organic farming sector. The Global Gap certificate is proof that our production follows the norms of good organic farming practices. Other carefully chosen farms are certified by Biosuisse and Demeter.

Our organic fruit and vegetables are produced in accordance with the stringent requirements of environmental protection and health. In this way we can fulfill our aim to offer consumers healthier  products of the highest quality which surpass all expectations.

A great deal of our work takes place on the land. We ensure that production takes place in strict accordance with the present European regulations and that standards of quality and point of ripeness are at their very best for exportation. Our infrastructure situated in Málaga (Andalucía) allows us to personally make a careful selection and control of all the products we market. We undertake strict analysis controls on our farms and exercise the same controls during the handling and packaging  processes. We send our clients up to date analysis reports to reconfirm that the product received is 100% organic. We have put in place a computerized tracking system allowing us instant access to information about the product throughout the production process.



Our aim is to offer clients extremely reliable products of the highest quality.


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